The appeal of fall 

I know a lot of people that say they like fall and it’s their favorite season. I personally LOVE fall! I spend the entire year looking forward to September-November. The weather is perfect. I love being able to wear hoodies and sweaters with jeans. Then there’s the activities of fall! Bonfires are amazing! Getting to feel the heat of the fire and drink apple cider while spending time with friends is something you just can’t beat! Then there’s haunted houses. Oh how I love haunted houses! There’s an amusement park here that has about 10 haunted trails/houses every October and I LOVE it! I spend the entire year looking forward to going and riding roller coasters during the day and going through all the haunted stuff once the sun goes down. They set up mini fires throughout the place to warm up and they have actors go through the park and scare you while you’re walking around the park or waiting in line! I also love the colors. When the trees turn vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows it’s SO pretty! Can’t wait to get our engagement pictures done in a nature park this fall! There’s a place out here with an old farm. Has a barn that’s been repainted bright red with the white accents. They have an old shed full of stuff from an old black smith set up. Also have a farm house and this gorgeous pond lined with trees. There’s a little cement walkway that goes about a third of the way out into the pond. They have horses and sheep and a donkey…not to mention an amazing flower field that’s absolutely breathtaking this time of year! Perfect for engagement pictures and I’m SO excited to get them done! I can’t wait for the fall!



One thing I’ve found in college is it’s ungodly hard to motivate myself to do anything. I mean my first couple years it made sense because I hated the degree choices I’d made. Now I’m finally in a program I love. I actually am finally making friends in the classes, enjoying what I’m learning, I’m GREAT at what I’m doing. Here I am though with a research paper due in 2 days and I have maybe half of it done at best… How do people find the motivation to do all this work? It’s not that it’s hard. Class work aside from math and science has always been easy for me. It’s more the fact that it’s very tedious, time consuming, or boring for that matter. I usually get things done. Very last minute of course! I just stress myself out SO much since I wait until the last minute to do anything. I always say this is the last time I’m doing this. Next time I’ll start the day it’s assigned. I never do though. So I guess if anyone reads this…how do you motivate yourselves? Or are most people like me and they just push things off as long as possible? 

Oh and this whole blog thing… Can it be used as like a diary type thing? Posts on blog sites aren’t meant to be all educational are they? I’d like to just get on here and just get things off my mind and talk about my life whenever I’m bored or stressed or overwhelmed. I don’t want to be that annoying person that’s using a blog site in a way you aren’t supposed to! 

Loving This

So I’m recently engaged as of the first week of March. It sparked something in our relationship and God am I loving it! We’ve been having sex on a daily basis for the first time since our first year together. I sit around just craving his company whenever we’re apart! It’s just been perfect honestly.

Every time I look into possible wedding plans I get this giddy “oh my god this is really happening” feeling! I jump around and giggle like a 23 year old school girl after her first kiss hahaha I love the man more than I can even put into words. 

He’s so loving and patient with me. We’ve had our problems sure but we were both teenagers at the time. Since we moved in together about 3 years ago we haven’t fought. Not even once. Not even any real arguments honestly. He comes home and I run up and practically tackle him! I see his face and I’m just immediately happy and calm. 

Hate to make my first blog all sappy and love struck. If you don’t like it you probably shouldn’t follow me! I plan to blog a lot about my relationship (yes including the sexual aspect. We’re humans. It’s more than natural), wedding planning, continuing my degree, future move to a state 3 states away, and starting our new life together! This is so much better than a written journal. Putting it out there for the world to see makes it more fulfilling for some reason. Thanks for reading if you did!